tracEs is a collection inspired by mindfulness—from an object’s inspiration, to the unearthing of its raw materials, to the alchemy of its creation, to the unfolding of its future meaning.

    The building block of the tracEs collection is the tracElet, a hand-formed gold disc alloyed from Fairmined gold. Each tracElet is unique, holding its own subtle variation of texture and artistry. The gold is precisely weighed, heated, rolled, formed, and fused in a moment of time.

    Honoring the elemental beauty of gold itself, the collection celebrates gold’s timeless power to enchant while also harnessing the good that can be brought to the communities where the gold is extracted.

    By tracing an object’s history we become mindful of the many hands through which an object passes. This mindfulness connects us, bringing empathy and understanding. Tracing the truth of the past brings stillness to the present, launching us towards a future with more meaning.