Jewelry Info & Care

Franny E Fine Jewelry is hand-formed traditionally from scratch using heirloom tools from Franny's Grandfather. No two pieces are alike.


True to Tradition

We keep close to tradition. Every piece of Franny E Fine Jewelry is carefully hand-formed in limited releases. Beginning with alloying our own precious & semi-precious metals, pieces are cut, hammered, sanded, textured, and polished by hand. We believe in creating adornments and objects that will transcend the ages & become heirlooms & objects of desire. Every piece is created by Franny with the help of a small team of localized craftspeople. We honor old production methods ensuring your piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Metal Care

Bronze and silver are metals that change naturally with time and exposure to the elements. Keep your jewelry pieces away from moisture, air vents, and household chemicals. We do not recommend jewelry cleaners, as they can strip away surfaces with our signature patina. Remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, and hand-washing.

Signature Cuff Bracelets

Our one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets are one-size-fits-most. We work carefully to hammer and form the contours of the metal to fit the unique curves of the average wrist. Do not stretch or bend open or close your cuff bracelet beyond its given curves. To wear, locate the soft groove of the wrist, 1" below the wrist bone. Push into this line and rotate the cuff bracelet on from the side. Repeat backwards to remove. You can carefully adjust the ends of the piece without bending any areas surrounding the gemstones or diamonds. Click here to view our visual instructions.

Natural Gemstones & Diamonds

We have worked with our suppliers for over ten years, hand-selecting and sourcing metals, diamonds, and natural gemstones that are obtained in socially, environmentally, and morally responsible ways. Like each piece of our jewelry, natural gemstones and diamonds are one-of-a-kind and contain beautiful imperfect inclusions. Our stones and diamonds are hand-set in our signature bezel settings for practicality of wear. Stones and even diamonds can break if they experience the right amount of pressure and angle of contact. Softer stones such as opals and pearls, should be treated with extra care. Although rare, we will gladly help you replace any stones or diamonds that may have fallen out or cracked from extreme circumstances. Please reach out to us with any further questions or requests regarding stone and diamond care.

Metal Skin Allergies

Skin allergies can occur with bronze, silver, and even gold. This depends on the individual's skin oils and exposure to the elements. While it is a rare occurrence, certain metals have to potential to discolor the skin.

A Lifetime Promise

We back up and guarantee the quality and integrity of our craftmanship. Pieces are created with the intention and promise to last a lifetime.