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tracEs pendant — five tracElets One of One—A Pearl From Montmartre Ring with Fairmined Gold One of One—A Winter's Garden Pearl Ring with Fairmined Gold One of One—All That Ever Was Moon Ring With Plum Tourmaline Crown tracEs earring — five tracElets

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We use traceable gold and silver extracted in harmony with nature, human dignity, and sustainable development, contributing to the transformation of people in small-scale mining communities and their families.

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Customer Stories

I am absolutely blown away by this company. Their jewellery is so thoughtful and well made. Every last detail is intentional. Their generosity to both the community and their customers really speaks to their virtue. I feel so proud to wear my Franny pieces. Without a doubt, heirloom quality  Thank you so much. Feeling so very blessed! 

I finally opened up the package and My heart melted with joy when I saw the ring! It’s perfect! Thank you so much for all your amazing work you put into this piece. I love every details of it. It truly means so much to me. Also, thank you for the beautiful and meaningful pendant. My friend loves it too. I can’t thank you enough with all that you’ve both done to create this piece for me.

It is the nice end to a Saturday night knowing that I have new jewellery to look forward too. Your kind emails made it so much better to feel confident about ordering form a new company at this time, with all the complications due to Brexit and Covid. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, knowing you made a difference to someone you haven't even met.

Omgsh...our treasures arrived safe & sound today & once again you have touched our hearts & souls with your kindness & pure talent...our hearts are filled with joy & gratitude & the pictures really do not do your work justice! So happy to have found you & to have the honour & pleasure of wearing your pieces which hold added personal meaning thanks to how wonderful you both are...you inspire me & restore my faith in people...thank you SO much from me & mine!!!

My family had Christmas today so I was able to give my daughter her December's Moon necklace.  She was so pleased that she cried!  But not only that, when I told her that you had sent a second necklace which I was wearing, then she really cried!  She laughed and said we now have BFF necklaces!  :)  She said she loves it so much and it will always be so special to her. So, I thank you for that.

He is beyond happy with his all that ever was moon necklace...he’s on furlough from work currently due to the pandemic so he’s been wearing it around the house in his pj’s rocking it with his new bling, he adores the emerald & is so touched by your kindness & gesture...we think u r both the most amazing & inspirational people & ur relationship reminds us of ours.

I’ve drawn such comfort from my jewelry over the years...each piece holds special meaning & so many memories...it’s such a personal thing & so powerful!..i love my job because it allows me to make a difference but I realize the many diverse ways we can make a difference to ppls lives including you with your gift, passed down your lovely family, that will have brought & continue to bring so much pleasure to so many.

Hey I got to see my Nan today for the first time since lockdown, it was such a special moment made even more so by your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much she was absolutely made up with her jewellery and completely surprised. Thank you again so much. Lots of love.

I just wanted to say a gigantic thank you for making my ring and rushing the order so I could have it for our ceremony. Thank you for being apart of my wedding, and creating something so stunningly beautiful that I get to wear every day. It brings a smile to my face every time it catches my eye.

"Sleepy Porcelain Shooter" by Fernanda Uribe Black Walnut & Western Red Cedar Box by Michaud Made "Intermixture" Earrings by Ashleigh Amber Moore "Gold Dust" Photographic Print by Ian Sutton "La Casa Azul" Hoop Earrings by Thirteenth Studio

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