Our Studio

Surrounded by History, Nature, & Perspective

Set along the railway tracks, our Vancouver loft studio is surrounded by history and nature. Across Burrard Inlet, the North Shore Mountains rise up from the ocean, overlooking a bustling port of railcars, container ships, and giant, giraffe-like gantry cranes. Inside our studio, the ambience reflects the character of our evolving neighbourhood—old brick walls, veined concrete pillars, barn doors, and large windows bringing in lots of natural light. 

Surrounded by Inspiration

Many of the tools we use hold meaningful histories of their own. From Grandpa Joe’s anvil, steel stamps, metal files, and hardware boxes, to Pére’s rusty eclume, to Nana’s ornate silver handheld mirror, to Papa Storm’s battered old hammers, we find inspiration from holding the past in our hands. We treasure the many stories, momentos, love letters, keepsakes, and pieces of art given to us by family, friends, and customers. Sprinkled throughout the studio, they remind us of the importance of all the connections we make and the relationships we’re building.

Surrounded by Good Company

In our small, vibrant community, we’re surrounded by creative companies, big and small, sharing our love of art and design. A palpable energy comes from seeing so many creative people working hard and building better futures.

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Surrounded by Our Ethos

For us, no separation exists between the ethos in our professional lives and in that of our personal lives. Our studio is zoned “live/work,” and because we live where we create, our business is Home. Harmony comes from our mindfulness, understanding how every decision we make, no matter how small, affects others and our Environment.Mindfulness connects us not only to ourselves but to others, bringing empathy and understanding. 

Surrounded by the Ocean & Connected to the Earth

Living on the Coast, we sense the rhythm of the tides and the power of the ocean. As we watch massive container ships shifting in and out of the harbor, flying flags from around the world, we’re reminded of our connection to the bigger world. In a very real sense, the ocean illuminates our common humanity and calls on us to protect the earth.Our studio runs off hydroelectric power, we travel by bicycle, we offset the carbon emissions of our shipments, and we reduce our waste and energy consumption as much as possible. We use only traditional, humble production processes—every adornment is hand-formed using simple hand tools, without the use of harsh chemicals or heavy machinery, and every granule of our scrap is salvaged and recycled, giving new life to future creations.