About Us

Adorn With Meaning

We create pieces inspired by mindfulness—from an object’s inspiration, to the unearthing of its raw materials, to the alchemy of its creation, to the unfolding of its future meaning. This mindfulness connects us, bringing empathy and understanding within ourselves, our environment, and each other.

Creating as a Family

We are a mother/daughter team working each day to design and create meaningful adornments by hand. Understanding beloved objects transcend time and space, we pour our hearts and souls into every piece we make. Belonging to a large talented and creative family, we often collaborate with family members for our photography, writing, and design.

Humble Processes

Everything we make is hand-formed from scratch using family heirloom tools. From Grandpa Joe’s anvil, steel stamps, metal files, and hardware boxes, to Pére’s rusty eclume, to Nana’s ornate silver handheld mirror, to Papa Storm’s battered old hammers and chisels, we find inspiration from holding the past in our hands. We believe in creating adornments and objects that will transcend time, holding and inspiring meaning for generations that follow.

Meaningful Materials 

By tracing the history of our materials, we become mindful of the many hands through which an object passes. We use metals, diamonds, glass, and natural gemstones from suppliers that we've cultivated relationships with and who hold shared values of traceability, transparency, and sustainability.

Inspired by Impermanence & The Ephemeral

We believe in the beauty of impermanence. Intimate moments may pass but the feelings and emotions stirred within us remain forever. Keeping stories told to us in the forefront of our minds as we work, we hope to capture the essence of fleeting cherished moments in the tangible objects we create. Mindfulness in the present, launches a meaningfulness that can last forever.

Wandering Vine - Franny E Fine Jewelry

Keeping Small, Staying Humble

We believe in paying homage to our roots, never sacrificing our passions and ethos for growth or greed. While we have collaborated with some of the world's largest companies, we have always maintained our hand-formed processes and stayed true to our humble ways of being and creating.

Giving What We Can

Art stirs our senses and emotions, calling us to action. We believe in the power of small acts of kindness. Giving what we can towards the needs of our local community and to other important causes throughout the world, we share in the responsibility of building a better world.