Kinship Stories

Kinship Story No. 1

“My mama is my best friend. She is the first person I call when I want to share any type of news. We will be on the phone for hours talking about everything and anything. Quality time with my mama is very precious now.

Growing up was the complete opposite though. We didn’t see eye to eye sometimes and I didn’t make it easy with my stubbornness. As time progressed and I grew up, my understanding of where my mama was coming from, all made sense and my appreciation for her sky rocketed. I now see through her eyes and all that she did was love. 

I look forward to raising my future child with the values my mama has instilled in me. I can’t wait for the day I make her a grandmother because I know she will be an amazing one.”


Kinship Story No. 2

“I feel so lucky to have such a loving, kind, and supportive mother. She is an incredible woman with a beautiful heart, and I cherish her and our friendship. I just love her!

I am a mom in a different way, to my lovely pup. He makes any day better with his sweet and funny personality, and his unconditional love. He truly makes me happy and I love being his mom.” 


Kinship Story No. 3

"I lost my own mum when I was 11. I married a kind man and we had 4 girls in 7 years. In the midst of the chaos my large family has healed my heart.

Being a mother gave me back the part of me that was missing. My own mum shows herself in feathers,   hearing her songs in public and my daughter's mannerisms."


Kinship Story No. 4

"My mother was very doting and very mindful of what her children needed. She taught me think for myself, take care of my own career, etc. She raised me to be independent so sometimes we don't see eye to eye. But indirectly it is a reflection of her good work and I appreciate that."


Kinship Story No. 5

"They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about the village it takes to raise a mother? It may seem we just arrive as a mother one day, but truly, mothers are in a constant process of unfolding and becoming. And we become the best versions of ourselves when we find ourselves embedded in a loving support system, where we can both offer and receive the tenderness and care we so need to give and take in order to grow and flourish. When we nurture and nourish our mothers, we nurture and nourish the future."


Kinship Story No. 6

"My mum and I are very different women. Mum is more of a Sarasvati: she values education, the development of good practices, peaceful interactions, and the pursuit of happiness. I am more of a Kali: someone who needs to root out the bad weeds in order to plant a healthy garden, who questions received wisdom, and who values the lessons that both the peaks and the valleys of life offer. These are very different energies, and we have our moments of misunderstanding- what mother-daughter duo doesn’t lol. At the end of the day while we are indeed different, where we align we are learning to hold space for one another, to value our time together, and to see each other’s wisdom for what it is. We are learning to love each other’s differences."


Kinship Story No. 7

Tethered we were 
You kept us safe
Inside you
Our whole universe 
And moments drummed 
To the beat of your love
Fast then slow
Lovely to grow

Tethered we are 
Days swirl in kisses and tummy ties
Fades of sunlight
That dance along 
Hidden gardens weeping then laughing 
Returning each day 
To say Day By Day
Is to say
We can love again 

Tethered we will be
You holding him 
In the arms 
That kept us safe
His eyes like yours
Or like mine
But hearts alike 
Never untethered 

~ Anonymous

Kinship Story No. 8

“It sounds cliché, but since becoming a mama myself, I have a new found and even deeper respect for all mothers out there. Being a mom is like being a superhero, it’s challenging but so so rewarding! I’m so grateful to be a mama to my baby boy.”


Kinship Story No. 9

"In this life we are given glimmers of hopes, dreams and love as well as moments where life is unfair, sad and frustrating, without the hard moments we could not relish in the good ones. I was given the gift of Motherhood too, not one but two beautiful souls, girls who are both so very different who have taught me so many life experiences that I would never have been able to have imagined without them. They have been my greatest inspiration, we have had some hard and happy moments together and I welcome whatever else the future brings our way. As growth happens in the darkness so that we can realize the wonder in the light. These two beauties gave me the ability to see life from a different lens’s and have enabled me to learn so much about myself and to have the ability to learn patience and empathy. Oh what a blessing they are. I am proud to be there mom and to call them my daughters."


Kinship Story No. 10

"My Grandmother was a woman of charisma, elegance, and thoughtfulness. She was always a helpful person who loved her family and instilled love in all that she did. Her love was one-of-a-kind that is impossible to replace. We had this thing where when we would get ready to hug each other, she would give a great big tight squeezed hug which I named and called at a young age as the Bear Hug. It was a tradition between us that continued throughout the years and when I would simply ask for a Bear Hug, no matter what she was doing or if she was busy, she would stop what she was doing and comply with the request. As I’ve gotten older, I reminisce about those Bear Hugs and how much they meant to me. They got me through a lot of things in life as I grew older whether it be fear, misunderstanding, or just an overall need of a sense of security. Me and my Grandmothers relationship was unlike any other, she was truly my best friend and whenever I had problems, I knew I could simply ask her and she would give me an honest answer followed by any necessary advice that could help me overcome an obstacle or propel me towards success. She was always there as a support system for me. I miss her very much but I am thankful to have the memories and stories instilled in me that I can look on from time to time. I hope that I have made her proud in all that I do and what I continue to strive towards in life and that one day we will meet again.” 


Kinship Story No. 11

"Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding job. It can be full of extremes. It's hard, so hard, at times, and absolute joy at others. You learn so much about so many things, including things about yourself.  It's a dig deep kind of job. 

My mother was amazing. Strong, calm, smart, loving. As adults, we were best friends. What a joy that relationship with her was. How precious.

Being a mother to these two has been the most exciting job ever. The most frightening, challenging, rewarding, love filled job. It's a job for which you never stop learning. Even now, they're these two amazing adults, and I'm still learning."


Kinship Story No. 12

"This is the mum who packed homemade cookies for my lunch when I was in elementary school, even though I didn't appreciate how much better they were than the Oreos my friends had.  She's the one whose table we gather around for family functions, where my adult friends are still made to feel like family too, and where anyone who doesn't have a place to go for a holiday is also welcome.  When I was growing up, she modeled compassion, generosity, and empathy, and is still the one on whom people depend when they need help...with everything from moving, to fund raising, to taking care of their pets.  If you're sick, she'll drop everything to make you homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles), and drive 45 minutes to bring it to you.

She quilts, plays viola, knits sweaters and baby blankets like a machine (but better than a machine), and makes the world's best pecan tarts.  She's feisty and smart and funny, loves simple treasures, and overcast days on a Vancouver beach.  We've had our ups and downs, but the older I get, the more I realize that I'd be lucky to become anything close to the woman she is."


Kinship Story No. 13

"My daughters are my heart. We are very close and all of us strive to stay close. I am so inspired by their determination to make their life, their own and not what people tell them they should do. I am continually in awe of how they present themselves in this world and live life with fullness. I am honored and so proud to be their momma."