Meaningful Materials

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We use recycled metals whenever possible and newly-mined Fairmined gold to compose our pieces.

Fairmined Gold
Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from small-scale artisanal mining organizations that embrace responsible practices. It transforms mining into an active force for good. The Fairmined Standard promotes the miners' well-being by ensuring the right working conditions, health and safety at work, fair wages and working hours, no child labor, gender equality, and promotes empowerment and well-being in the mining communities and their families. 

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Recycled Metals
Our recycled metals primarily come from our own studio remnants and scrap and reclaimed metal from old jewelry and objects. When new metal is needed, we purchase recycled metals from our supplier who is SCS certified.

Gemstones & Diamonds

We believe in the importance of knowing the full story of a stone's history, from the origin of its unearthing to every hand through which it passes.

Tracing Origins
By tracing the full history of a stone's journey, we can make sure it comes from a good place. One that ensures environmental protection, conflict mitigation, ethical labour practices, and social and economic development for mining communities. We are part of ethical supply chains of like-minded people who share our ethos of true transparency and traceability.

Reclaiming Beauty
We focus on using reclaimed  gemstones and diamonds to give new life to old jewelry and objects.

Seeing Beauty in the Imperfect
We use natural stones that hold beautiful striations, inclusions, and imperfections. These stones are often seen as less beautiful in the eyes of some.  

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
While living in a busy city along the Pacific Ocean, we discover and salvage glass pieces that have been left behind. We re-heat this glass using a propane and oxygen torch and with simple hand-tools, create beads and forms to use in our pieces.


Cultured Pearls
We source cultured pearls that are grown in pearl farms and then treated for color and lustre.

Wild Ocean Pearls
A selection of our pieces are made with natural seed pearls from Nova Scotia, Canada. Learn more.

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Always Learning & Growing

While seeking to know the whole history of our raw materials, we look past industry labels such as 'ethical', 'eco-friendly', or 'conflict-free'. The sad truth is that realities of violence, environmental destruction, forced child labour, and other horrific issues still exist within some of the world's supply chains. We continually learn and try and grow beyond standards of traceability and sustainability and with hope of inspiring other artists and designers to learn with us.